Ed Luker

Ed Luker is a writer based in London. Working across fiction, poetry, and criticism, his writing is an ardent and dramatic attempt to love the world and the people in it — in the face of its contradictions and complications.

He has recently written about psychoanalysis and fiction for LARB, new novels by Michael Mann and Werner Herzog for frieze, the second season of Industry for Plinth, the role of the artist as trendforecaster for Elephant, and Philippa Snow’s debut work of criticism Which As You Know Means Violence for Jacobin.

He completed a PhD in post-war poetry at Northumbria University in 2018. With Jo Walton, he is the co-editor of Poetry and Work (Palgrave Macmillan, 2019). After a broad range of teaching ‘experiences’ at several institutions, he is currently working as a creative copywriter.

He has published two full length collections of poetry to date: Heavy Waters on The 87 Press (2019) and Other Life on Broken Sleep Books (2021). His poetry has been published broadly in magazines and online. Have a search.

Over the last four years he has turned his hand to crafting stories of various forms. He is currently writing his first novel, a script for a play, a TV series, and a third collection of poems.

In between agents, he is looking for representation.

He writes semi-regularly on his substack Below Deck. He is also on Twitter, Instagram, and Linktree.

If you would like to commision him to write something or do a reading, send him an email at edvard.lvker[at]gmail.com ︎